For automatic update from your device

Unit Setup

On your unit setup the system Upgrade Network Server address with:
Then PRESS Connect

Download latest FW of CX300
Server Location File Name File Size Notes

cx300-2.1.0_b382-0.exe510.788 MB
File Title File Size What's New Release Notes
CX300 2.1.0 Software Release Notes153.6 K
CX300 1.3.5. Auto-Test Release Notes197.6 K
CX300_Quick_Start_Guide536.6 K
CX300 Operation Manual10912.4 K
CX300 Remote Programming Manual3637.5 K
CX300 P25 Option Guide724.1 K
CX300 DMR Option Guide5533.7 K
CX300 VNA Option Guide1274.7 K
CX300 Tetra Option Guide29106.8 K